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Back to blog..

Posted by Reddy on June 4, 2008

Sorry all for not updating my blog…

Now i will try to write again

All writing is now about Technology and all about Mogh Maya Stuff….


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24/7 office

Posted by Reddy on April 10, 2006

Where have all the 9-to-5 jobs gone? Everybody these days seem to be working odd office hours. If Papa is busy jet-setting around the world, Mama has her urgent meetings in the evening and daughter must be working in a BPO /KPO or IT company working till the morning to finish the project or doing her shift.

With the rising number of Indian and multi- national firms striving to open 24/7 operations, the lifestyles of employees are also changing fast. Professionals work for long hours and in erratic shifts. Numerous Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) employees work in the night shift. The change in work timing is affecting the social and family ties of these individuals.

So its means for all these people working in these sectore where is the work/life balance and dont forget there is one more pie to all this is comptetion.. where whatever job we do there is so much pressure and comptetion that we have to outcome all this and come out with colourfull results…

Which means at the end of the day we all human being are shorting the life span of each other …
and how about the family times i know some people who are reading may be thinking what is family as …now a days we see people are more onto themselves and now with this added job pressure even that little time with family is also gone…

People this 24/7 office is not going to stop so we need to make out priorites right and see what can we do in the time we have instead of streching our time to do all the things ..and please do take some time to spend with family….as i know that what is more imp at the end of the day for everyone…


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CCMB identifies pancreatitis gene – Science

Posted by Reddy on April 7, 2006

The Centre for Cellular and Mo-lecular Biology (CCMB) – Hyderabad .. and Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG) on Friday announced the discove-ry of a new gene playing a major role in causing tropical calcified pancreatitis (TCP). The gene has been named Cathepsin B.

The discovery, whose results were published in March edition of gastroenterology journal GUT, will help doctors recognise the disease in earlier stages. While the prevalence of TCP is not known in India, AIG director Dr D. Nageshwar Reddy points out that it is high in villages with one out of every 2,000 persons affected.

Patients don’t know about the disease until it reaches advanced stage. Except removing stones from pancreas, we could not save them, Dr Reddy said. The disease starts with severe stomach ache among teenagers and by the time they reach 28, the disease is full blown, he said.

Dr G.R. Chandak, who led CCMB researchers, said the basic function of Cathepsin B is to trigger trypsinogen enzyme to maintain a constant supply of active tryp-sin in pancreas, which it will resupply the same to the stomach for digestion. However, if the gene goes bad or mutates, it will lead to premature activation of trypsinogen upsetting the cycle and thus damaging the pancreas, he explained.

Soruce: deccan

Hope one day we have gene identified for most of the common diseases …where by the people of this world can have some good life and instead of those expensive doctor visits they could just have to take these gene’s… Oh wait a second what kind of world i am in even though we the researchers and scientists found the genes for most of the disorders , everyday some new Virus comes into this world which can keep all busy the docs/patients/researchers everybody have to go on right !! 🙂

Y’ALL have a good Weekend..

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Now you can Turn off the lights with SMS

Posted by Reddy on April 6, 2006

This is so cool for all those people like me who forget to switch off the ligths …

On the way to the office, you suddenly remember that you have left the television on and the air conditioner running. Instead of turning around and heading back home, there’s a simple way of turning off these devices. Just send an SMS and switch off your television and AC.

6060, a SMS solution provider has developed a new software called SMS home control which can help control up to eight devices through a black box. The concept is simple this black box can be connected to electrical points which have been pre-programmed to control the devices. Send an SMS from any mobile number that is fed into the system and you can switch on or switch off your geyser, fan, bulb, radio, microwave and even your refrigerator.

Says Naveen Bhandari, CEO of Tech Zone, SMS is the buzz word today and it is the future. We have developed this home control system mainly for nuclear families since it helps them save time and energy. Although this product will be out in the market in a couple of months, I know that it will be of tremendous help. Lokesh Ohri, an IT professional says, I often leave the air conditioner or geyser on and is difficult for me to get back and turn it off. With such a technology coming into the city, life will be so much easier since I can turn off my air conditioner with a mere SMS.

But this is not all. 6060’s SMS To Moving Message has become a big hit in the city. Only a week old, this system is specially targeted at the youth. Messages are sent to a moving electronic display, which shows the SMS in a matter of seconds. Says Naveen, We have got an amazing response. People love to see their messages being splashed across the screen while they are sipping coffee or just sitting around chatting. We have just begun marketing these devices and hope to hit popular places like Cafe Coffee Day, Music World, Landmark and Mocha.

The black boxes for both the systems are priced per unit. A home control black box is priced at Rs 20,000 per unit and the moving messaging is priced at approximately Rs 14, 000. If people are worried about bad language being displayed, 6060 has even developed a way to solve this. All messages are routed through a server that cleans them up whether they are written in Tinglish, Hinglish or English.

Soruce : deccan

Hope this way atleast we all can contribute to save some Energy as we all know there is so much of energy used these days …where someday we have to have alternatives to save and looks like these kind of cool stuff will make us to save the Energy for the future…

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Browser is Future…

Posted by Reddy on April 6, 2006

Looks like there will be some day sooner where a person will do most of his daily routines from within the browser…No need to have all the most of the basic products installed on the users machine…No worry on piracy as well as licensing or product updates issues..

Just open the browser and you will have almost most of the basic operations can be done …

For examples check out these websites..

Why would you like to have Word installed on your machine when you can go to and do all the things what a Word processor applications allows and more than that ..Like Document collaborations…. All web2.0 is about collaborations… , also how about excel which do most of the excel stuff and there will be more updates.. Also how about where they say they are going to present the customer with a desktop on the browser sweet right…

So people what Y’aLL think about this …you see the same future as I see .. Or any concerns like security or any others , Y’ALl welcome to comment on any feedback or concerns you have on this topic..


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Communicate people please communicate..

Posted by Reddy on April 5, 2006

Topic: Communications..

Hello to the whole world … why is it so hard for people to communicate in this world as we all know there are so many mediums available to communicate in today’s world like phone / SMS /emails/blogs/ IM , etc etc …But still we feel that people don’t get all the messages..

Even take example of a professional scenario in a telecommunications company “communications company” just for one project execution involving multiple teams there are so many gaps in communications like the team member emails the other team members and waits for his response…And he waits for his email response till he gets it but he/she never makes an attempt to make a phone call to the other person and today’s technologies allows people to leave voice messages or SMS …If the other person is not available or busy on the phone….And Above all its a telecommunications company and I think by making a phone call is not going to cost anything to the person personally and also not much to the company as all the resources used are anyways company’s owned and on the top of it even the company pays for there wireless service even though people fail to make an effort to make a phone call…

I think most of the assumptions people assume in this world because of not proper communications because as long as proper communications is there and the matter is clear nobody makes assumptions so the end result is always good… So people please do communicate …Use the right method for the right job so that the job gets done faster and better..

In today even most of the organizations lots of projects gets failed or delayed because of lack of proper communications…

so please use the right available medium to communicate and make this world a better place for living…

I encourage Y’ALL please leave any real life situtations you have professionally or personally in the comments sections…

Peace out people
Please Communicate….

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India to Help With Hydrogen Plant

Posted by Reddy on April 5, 2006

India and the US Monday signed an agreement for New Delhi’s participation in the 1-billion-dollar FutureGen project, which seeks to produce electricity from coal using an emission-free procedure.

Through the signing of the agreement, India became the first country to participate on the US government’s steering committee on the FutureGen project, the US Embassy in New Delhi.

The FutureGen project, which could break ground in 2012, will generate both electricity and hydrogen from coal.

Its Indeed a very good news for India to partipate in this project.. as we all know we need an alternative source of energy for the future…..

Source : Fuel Cell Today,

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Wipro wants 350-acre land, will employ 28,500

Posted by Reddy on April 5, 2006

Good News for all the Hyderabadis as Wipro have major plans to expand there operations in AP…

Software giant Wipro has told the State government that it will develop its campuses in 100 acres of land in Hyderabad and seven acres in Visakhapatnam. The company is pitching for 300 acres here and 50 acres at the port city to expand further its operations. Wipro chairman Azim Premji briefed Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhar Reddy on the company’s expansion plans in Andhra Pradesh when the two met in Bangalore on Monday evening.

According to IT Secretary K. Ratna Prabha, Wipro is operating on a 30-acre site at Hitec City with an investment of Rs 200 crore. It has 2,000 employees, which is expected to grow to 5,000. Wipro’s IT exports from the State during 2004-05 were around Rs 970 crore. Mr Premji said the new campuses would provide employment to 15,000 people in Hyderabad and 750 in Visakhapatnam. He told the Chief Minister that the company was contemplating vast expansion plans and needed another 300 acres in Hyderabad and 50 acres at Visakhapatnam. “Wipro will invest Rs 750 crore with a projected employment of 15,000 in Hyderabad and Rs 200 crore with a projected employment of 13,500 in Visakhapatnam,” he said and requested the Chief Minister to provide suitable land as per the requirement.

Dr Reddy invited Mr Premji to Hyderabad for further dialogue and to identify suitable land. He assured him of all possible assistance. He complimented Mr Premji for achieving the export turnover of Rs 5,426 crore during 2005-04, thereby becoming the third biggest IT company in the country.

Source :

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Key Aspects of Web 2.0

Posted by Reddy on April 4, 2006

-The Web and all its connected devices as one global platform of reusable services and data
– Data consumption and remixing from all sources, particularly user generated data
– Continuous and seamless update of software and data, often very rapidly
– Rich and interactive user interfaces
– Architecture of participation that encourages user contribution

For complete article click here

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Want to read NewsPaper.. … Go Online

Posted by Reddy on April 4, 2006

Newspapers’ online audiences are growing rapidly, according to a new industry study, highlighting a key growth area that newspapers are seeking to exploit as print circulation continues to be challenged.

A study being released Monday by the Newspaper Association of America, a trade group, found that one in three internet users — 55 million — visit a newspaper website every month.

Also, unique visitors to newspaper websites jumped 21 percent from January to December 2005, while the number of page views soared by 43 percent over the same period.

The study coincides with the NAA’s annual convention in Chicago. Top of mind for the publishers attending was the looming sale of 12 Knight Ridder newspapers by The McClatchy Co., which is acquiring the storied publishing company in a $4.5 billion deal that will reshape the landscape of American newspapers.

Strategies for coping with the rapid transformation of consumers’ news consumption habits due to the internet was also a big topic at the three-day conference, which began Sunday.

Andrew Swinand, executive vice president at Starcom Worldwide, a major advertising-buying agency, said during a panel discussion that newspapers could do more to harness their presence online, such as getting more participation from audiences.

Swinand also said his firm would like to buy advertising across newspaper websites but had difficulty doing so, and had to go through third-party vendors. He also said it was difficult to buy both print and online advertising through newspapers, and that the process for fulfilling newspaper ad sales was cumbersome and less automated than in other media.

Swinand did say afterward that he was still “bullish” on newspapers’ online advertising potential, but added that newspapers should do more to personalize and localize their online content, in ways such as the social networking site MySpace does.

In other topics, executives from the Baltimore Sun, the head of news at E.W. Scripps Co. and the head of online media at McClatchy discussed another big pending issue for newspapers: how to integrate print and online news operations.

Having new people come in with fresh ideas was key for newspapers as they develop their online operations said Mark Contreras, Scripps’ vice president of news operations. Those people are likely to devise new initiatives over the next few years that will “save our bacon,” he said.

This means in future there will not be any newpasper as once the boardbrand reach to all the homes …

soruce :

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