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AJAX – Getting Started ….

Posted by Reddy on April 4, 2006

By now, nearly everyone who works in web development has heard of the term Ajax, which is simply a term to describe client-server communication achieved without reloading the current page. Most articles on Ajax have focused on using XMLHttp as the means to achieving such communication, but Ajax techniques aren’t limited to just XMLHttp. There are several other methods.

For a roundup for some AJAX Tutorials… check this link a one stop for all the good tutorials…

These are the list of websites how they used AJAX in their web sites.

  1. 24SevenOffice – web-based economy & administration systems
  2. A9 Maps
  3. – Amazon’s Google wanna-be search engine
  4. AJAX Dictionary
  5. AJAX Translator
  6. ajaxWrite
  7. Apple Store
  9. Maps
  11. Backbase – Site built 100% with AJAX technologies. Six demo-portals available showcasing the use of AJAX RIA
  12. BaeBo – Through BaeBo you can browse, search and purchase products from Amazon’s entire product catalog. When you search Amazon, BaeBo will load eBay results in the background. When you view an Amazon item, BaeBo will load Similar products in the background
    by Francis Shanahan
  13. BaseCamp – project management service
  14. – online sports betting
  15. BlinkList – Organize Your Web, Your Way. Organize all the web pages you find into groups of easily manageable lists
  17. – ajax-powered, free online storage
  19. – “A site for playing with colors.”
  20. – a social network for news
  22. – +
  23. – classifieds using ajax
  24. – blog/photo-sharing community
  25. Form Assembly – dynamic web form builder
  27. Gmail – web-based email from Google
  28. Google Groups – contains the entire archive of Usenet discussion groups dating back to 1981. In addition to providing a Usenet archive, the Service enables you to create and maintain your own Group
  29. Google Maps – a new mapquest killer
  30. Google Personalized Home
  31. Google Reader – ajax powered rss reader
  32. Google Suggest – displays suggestions as you type
  33. GPlotter – Google maps API + AJAX
    by Brennan Stehling
  34. [NEW]
  35. – spell checker
  36. Jobby
  37. – AJAX enabled flight search
  38. Kiko
  40. Linkaroo
  41. Meebo – ajax-powered IM
  42. MSN Virtual Earth
  43. – family communication and calendar site
  45. ObjectGraph Dictionary
  46. – an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends
  47. Protopage
  48. Ripped Tickets
  50. – model gallery
  51. Sproutliner
  52. beta – from the MSN sandbox
  53. Ta-daLists – “simple, sharable to-do lists”
  54. TagWorld
  56. Top 10 Ajax Applications
    by Dan Grossman
  57. Top 10 Ajax Applications (Part 2)
    by Dan Grossman
  58. – This is a site builder tool where the entire editor is created in Javascript. The editor only works in IE.
  59. Yahoo! Instant Search
  60. – an online real estate service dedicated to helping you get an edge in real estate by providing you with valuable tools and information.

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Hyderabad – Hitec City to go entirely Wi-Fi

Posted by Reddy on April 3, 2006

This is so cool for all the techies roaming around hitec city with laptops…

With the pace of technology innovation accelerating by the minute, Hyderabad is on a mission to achieve the next level of Internet connectivity. Within a year, Hitec City could go entirely Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is currently restricted to smaller areas or �hotspots� but plans are on to enhance this capability to extend to a much wider area.

Mr Partha Sarathi, director communications, AP, says the government has invited major IT companies to invest in the project. In a bid to replace Bangalore as India�s software and technology capital, Hyderabad is looking for an edge over competitors. �Talks are in progress with SISCO, Airspan, Intel, and Nortel and these providers are being asked to conduct trials on a small scale and come up with an estimate of the necessary equipment, infrastructure and investment needed for a Wi-Fi project of this size.�

Mr Sarathi expects the trials to begin in three to four months. If all goes well, he says, �We should be good to go wireless within a year�s time. Hardware and software facilities across Hitec City will be equipped with the facility first as they constitute the majority of the users.� Similar plans of going wireless are currently afoot in Pune and Bangalore. Wi-Fi technology enables users equipped with laptops with the wireless connectivity option to access the Internet anywhere they go. All a person needs to do is log into the network using an ID and password provided and he/she can access the Internet without cables or wires anywhere within the wireless range.

There are already a few wireless hotspots in the city and on some software campuses. Those accessible to the public include hotspots at ITC Kakatiya Sheraton and Hotel Urvasi Inn and Gachibowli stadium, which was set up for the media during the Afro Asian games. The technology rush in Hyderabad has already brought in the usage of E1 lines for Internet which provide an upload and download of two Mbps suitable for high end business connectivity options. The plan to extend Wi-Fi throughout Hitec City would give people rapid and immediate access wherever they may be.

Rajashekhar Tanikela, chief IT administrator for an MNC in Hitec City is upbeat about the project, and says the Wi-Fi option will not just showcase Hyderabad�s potential in technology, but would also make it easier for software professionals to upload their data anywhere. �If a techie is working on a field project, he/she doesn�t have to wait to get back to the office and update the database. They can simply use their laptops to get connected and upload it instantly,� he says. As for the common user, the spread of wireless technology means easier Internet access without the hassle of wires.

What you all say guys….

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The Old and New Hyderabad

Posted by Reddy on April 3, 2006

Enjoy the new and the old hyderabad…

I think by 2010 i think Hyderabad will have a total new look i know its already have a new look already ….

check out this album on hyd
I will also add some audio to the album later …..

Credits to the Photographers…

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Growth pill: Indian cos get high on patents

Posted by Reddy on April 3, 2006

There are different ways of measuring innovation. The number of international patents that a country accumulates is one of them. India seems to be doing rather well on this count, with an increase in both the number of US patents issued and the number of patent applications.

India filed for 1,278 US patents in ’05, up by 36% over ’04, reversing a decline in ’04 when the number of patents filed declined by 15%. What’s more interesting is that the number of patents issued to India increased by 11% to 405, much higher than the growth rates of Japan, Taiwan, Canada, Germany and even China.

Indian companies have been stepping up their R&D activity and pharmaceuticals is one obvious sector, which has seen many companies being issued patents. Indian companies are making inroads into global markets, and a strong IPR pipeline will give them an edge.

Indian drug makers, which were granted patents in ’05 for the US market, include Ranbaxy Labs, Orchids Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, Biocon, Sun Pharma, Lupin, Dr Reddy’s Labs, Wockhardt, Aurobindo and Cipla. Then there are others like Unilever’s India-based R&D operations.
read the rest of the news @

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Let go of a relationship with dignity

Posted by Reddy on April 2, 2006

Don’t be a pile on. Accept the fact that the woman does not fancy you and stop chasing her. Don’t assume that she is playing hard to get. She is simply not interested in you.

* If you’ve been dumped recently you might want to seek avenge. The easiest thing to do would be to indulge in character assassination. Resist from doing so. It really is not going to serve any purpose and contrary to belief does not make you feel any better.

* If your relationship is not working out, have a heart-to heart chat with your girlfriend. Explain to her that it would be best for both of you to part ways. Be gentle and don’t behave like a jerk.

* Don’t hit the bottle after a break-up. Instead of getting sympathy, people will only snigger about you. Maintain your dignity. Find things to occupy your mind. If need be try and take a short holiday.

* Avoid visiting places that you went to as a couple. The painful memories will only make it all the more difficult for you to let go. This is the perfect time to explore new places.

* Don’t plunge headlong into another relationship. Give yourself time to recover from your previous one. Or you will only end up hurting yourself more.

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2nd April — Su Do Ku

Posted by Reddy on April 2, 2006

What to do
Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3×3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. Every puzzle has only one correct solution.

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IT boom bangs libido

Posted by Reddy on April 2, 2006

Mr M is barely 32 and married for less than two years. Act-ually, before his wedding, he was among the most eligible bachelors in his upper caste circles, a fact his parents proudly flaunted every now and then, particularly when M’s would-be-in-laws first came home with their daughter’s horoscope. With a big salary packet and expensive perks life seemed a permanent honeymoon for the newly weds. Until the bosses started hiking M’s targets.

“His wife initially thought it was just a temporary phase and would pass once the year-end statements went to his company’s headquarters in Boston and good news flowed back regarding a hefty upward revision of pay and perks. Yes, he got more money and a bigger car but at the end of the day, literally, it meant nothing to the woman. And the family was getting impatient with his excuse that the child must wait till he settled down better. The frustrated wife learnt about me from a friend and brought M after much persuasion,” says Dr D. Narayan Reddy, noted sexologist, discussing the latest phenomenon amid the high-voltage IT/MNC execs scoring high at the workplace but shocking their young bedmates with severe erectile dysfunction problems.

To cut a long story short, Dr Reddy counselled the young IT professional that he must restructure his professional life and slow down a bit on his tough targets at office if he is interested in a happy marriage. Some serious introspection, backed by a short course of Viagra, helped Mrs and Mr M get back to a normal sex life. “But not many cases have been that simple,” says Dr Reddy.

Take for instance the case of 34-year-old Mr D, a marketing executive working for a well-known MNC. Though he was supposed to work for 51/2 days a week, this ambitious man was actually slogging almost all seven days, barring perhaps a few hours of post-lunch nap on Sundays. But with his body exhausted and mind crowded already with the next morning’s breakfast meet with a new client, he was finding it tough to “rise to the occasion”, and often left the wife frustrated and angry. “Worse still, he would enter her with his semi-erection and go off to sleep like that. Viagra was of no use because it helps only when a person has the desire and the body is active and alert,” recalls Dr Reddy.

When the wonder drug failed and his counselling too had no impact, Dr Reddy suggested that the couple take off for a holiday to the little-known Yelagiri Hills, about 200 km from Chennai, where there weren’t many mobile phone towers. “The first couple of days the chap rested well and recouped himself, almost rediscovering the zestful youth. What Viagra and my counselling could not achieve, this period of personal restructuring did. Those ten days were a second honeymoon,” says the sex therapist.

After returning to office, Mr D had a chat with his boss and got some realistic goals set up. It is said that most MNCs set stiff targets with the notion that even if the employee falls short a bit, they would still be able to meet the client deadlines.
While Dr Reddy and his peers in the medical fraternity are increasingly facing patients of young years, thanks to the stressful life gifted by the high-paying IT/ BPO jobs, the yet another disturbing trend noticed of late is that a significant number of those complaining of erectile dysfunction have undetected cardiac ailments.

“Three to five of the nearly 30 patients I see every day show positive on the treadmill test. I am surprised by this,” says Dr Reddy, who usually checks his patients for cardiac problems on a treadmill before starting them on Viagra and other treatments. That is because penis is the barometer of endothelial health and erectile dysfunction is the earliest warning signal for forerunning major end-organ diseases such as heart attacks, stroke, retinal haemorrhage, renal failure, and so on. Every blood vessel has three layers of blood vessel wall. The inner most layer is endothelium.

An erection happens when blood flows into the penis of the aroused male. When a man develops an erection problem it could mean that the endothelium in his blood vessels in the penis is damaged. Chances are high then that the endothelium in the blood vessels in heart, eye, etc., is also damaged. The damage in the endothelium in the penis shows up sooner since the blood vessels there are much thinner as compared to other organs.

“Therefore, we say that if a patient comes with an erection problem, do not stop checking below the belt but also look above for signs of cardiac problems,” says Dr Reddy, insisting that there were a number of cases where a young man with erectile dysfunction tested positive on the treadmill and got better in bed after the cardiologist treated his heart ailment.

Such as this 34-year-old marketing executive who travelled 20 days a month and led a sedentary life when he was not. Due to his travel across the time-zones, his sleep pattern was frequently disrupted. He began to smoke and drink to kill boredom when he was alone during his trips. Ten months down the line, he developed chronic fatigue, and a demanding wife at home slept disappointed. He first blamed his wife’s looks for his failure but when the problem persisted with better-looking call girls on his business jaunts, he landed at Dr Reddy’s clinic.

As a matter of routine, the sexologist sent the busy executive to test on the treadmill and the young man reported positive. The cardiologist did an angiogram and found two of his coronary arteries blocked though the man had never suffered any chest pain till then. After a bypass surgery, he changed his job to something that did not involve travelling, gave up smoking and fatty foods. And found his wife beautiful, again.

Not just the overworked executives but their bosses too must realise that a normal sex life is an absolute necessity for optimum performance in office. Research has shown that an individual’s longevity and quality of life improved with regular sex — though a subjective term, doctors claim it was normal for couples to have it atleast once in week. It also shows that the incidence of prostrate gland enlargement is less in men with normal sex life, so is mental depression.

Chemicals called endorphins, released into the blood during ejaculation and orgasm, soothe the mind and cut down arthritic pains. Besides, a “session” could burn about 200 calories that is equal to over 15 minutes on the treadmill, with much less pleasure. Research has also shown that sex builds up the body’s immunity levels. Women with breast lumps and tumours have felt that regular sex prevented further growth of such lumps and tumours.

“People are realising that sex is no longer a mere luxury, and that there are very important physical and mental benefits attached to it,” says Dr Reddy, recalling that Sage Vatsyayana had discussed the healing qualities of good sex in Kama Sutra, a book on the science of love and romance, in 300 AD, and much before that around 4000 BC during the Harappa and Mohenjodaro civilisations sex held an important place in society.

Later, during the excavations of these townships things such as dildos and artificial penises were found. Convinced that sex soothes tempers, doctors in Europe in early 1800s tried charcoal-fired “manipulators” (modern-day vibrators) to treat female hysteria. However, that ancient wisdom seems obliterated in the greed for quick greenbacks. Young professionals these days are in great hurry to make their millions at the cost of personal life and good health.

“I am getting so many cases of young men, even in their 20s, who come with depression and lowered sexual appetite after slogging at the workplace, rushing from one deadline to another. They make their millions pretty soon in life, alright, but by the time they are 35 or so, they become senile and mentally old,” says S. Nambi, well-known psychiatrist and ex-president of the Indian Psychiatric Society.

“I also have some NRIs from the US as my patients,” says Nambi. “Interacting with inanimate objects, mostly their computers, makes these young men go into acute depressions and lose out on good life. Rich too early in life, they splash their money on booze and end up with serious cardiac and other health problems. I have come across many cases of young men suffering from sexual disorders and a low self-esteem.”

I t is a pity that business schools are yet to wake up to the truth that good sex life can greatly enhance one’s performance at the workplace,” says Dr Reddy, adding, “I was invited to give a lecture at an MBA school in Bangalore but after one session, they decided not to call me again. They thought I was a threat to their age-old good management theories because I was propounding that a good manager must take time off work and enjoy with his woman in bed.”

But then, the sexologist is not unduly concerned about the lack of interest in business schools, as he has just got an invitation from the centurion University of Madras to be an adjunct professor in the endocrinology and sexual medicine department. This, perhaps, is the first time that an Indian university has taken on a specialist to teach sexual medicine to its post-grads. With life expectancy steadily rising in India, there would be a huge population of ageing men and women in the next couple of decades.

In order to let couples enjoy matrimony till an older age, it is important to check the problem of low libido, gradually becoming prevalent, among young professionals. And so the pharma companies, say the doctors, are pumping billions of dollars in R&D for developing new products for treating sexual dysfunction. Products are multiplying not just for men but also for women, such as creams to hasten and prolong orgasms. Eros is a clitoral device that is getting increasingly popular with women having orgasm-related problems, they say.

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Child Rights and You (CRY) – Siksha

Posted by Reddy on April 2, 2006

Tide, Ariel, Head and Shoulders, Rejice, Whisper, Vicks Vaporub, Pantene and Poppers are the companies those are dedicating a percentage of amount that they earn on sales to Child Rights and You (CRY). CRY started a program called ‘Siksha’ to poor children and at present 109 villages covered in this scheme.

Film stars and anchors like Narmatha Mahesh Babu, Jahansi, Anoosha and Sidhdharth have promoted the products of respective companies to encourage the people in buyingthem. They also said that they would support the poor students to their best and also called on people to do the same.

I think this is a good way for all the people to donate by buying products from all these companies and directly or indirectly supporting the Child education.. because as we all know that Education is something which we need to all the poor childeren of india to make india a Economic Super Power…


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For all those not GEEK’s

Posted by Reddy on April 2, 2006

Hello there , for all those who are not totally geeks .. no offense..
I know there are many people in this world who have all the latest gadgets but many of those gadgets owners do not know how to use them just for one simple example take MP3 players likes IPOD or other players i know there are many users of these players who dont know most of the time to put songs on to these players …so please if anybody out there who want to learn and need help in downloading songs and downloading them on to there IPOD or other mp3 players i can help Y’ALL i can also setup a pratical demos via online or if you live same city as i am then i can show Y’all peronsally the demos…and above all i will be doing all this for FREE.. i know this is america where time is money but its good to share knowledge sometimes for FREE so please goahead and email me if you need any help in terms of how to use the Gadget the one which you own no matter which gadget is as i worked with many of the most popular and latest gadgets…also i can teach Y’all shortcuts also…..

Please go ahead and email me if you need any help on this matter..


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Cheap versus frugal

Posted by Reddy on April 1, 2006

Everybody knows a cheap person, and probably hates them. But I think we often mislabel frugal people cheap. These are just my opinions, but here’s what I think differentiates the two:

Cheap people care about the cost of something.

Frugal people care about the value of something.

Cheap people try to get the lowest price on everything.

Frugal people try to get the lowest price on most things, but spend a lot on items they really care about.

Cheap people are inconsiderate. For example, when getting a meal with other people, if their food costs $7.95, they’ll put in $8.00, knowing very well that tax and tip mean it’s closer to $11.

Frugal people won’t order a Coke if they’re on a budget, so that when the bill comes, they don’t look cheap.

Yes, being cheap and/or frugal can be a cultural quality. I won’t spend much more time on this one.

Cheap people keep a running tally with their friends, family, and co-workers. Some frugal people do this, too, but certainly not all.

Because of the fear of even one person suggesting they spent too much on something, cheap people are not always honest about what they spent on something. Neither are frugal people.

Cheap people are unreasonable and cannot understand why they can’t get something for free. Sometimes this is an act, but sometimes it’s not.

Frugal people will try as hard as cheap people to get a deal, but they understand that it’s a dance and, in the end, they don’t intrinsically deserve a special deal.

Cheap people’s cheapness affects those around them. Frugal people’s frugality affects themselves.

Both cheap and frugal people will be more assertive than most people when trying to get a deal. Over the long term, they’ll both save more money. But one has a cost, while the other pays dividends.

Cheap people think short term. Frugal people think long term.

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