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Communicate people please communicate..

Posted by Reddy on April 5, 2006

Topic: Communications..

Hello to the whole world … why is it so hard for people to communicate in this world as we all know there are so many mediums available to communicate in today’s world like phone / SMS /emails/blogs/ IM , etc etc …But still we feel that people don’t get all the messages..

Even take example of a professional scenario in a telecommunications company “communications company” just for one project execution involving multiple teams there are so many gaps in communications like the team member emails the other team members and waits for his response…And he waits for his email response till he gets it but he/she never makes an attempt to make a phone call to the other person and today’s technologies allows people to leave voice messages or SMS …If the other person is not available or busy on the phone….And Above all its a telecommunications company and I think by making a phone call is not going to cost anything to the person personally and also not much to the company as all the resources used are anyways company’s owned and on the top of it even the company pays for there wireless service even though people fail to make an effort to make a phone call…

I think most of the assumptions people assume in this world because of not proper communications because as long as proper communications is there and the matter is clear nobody makes assumptions so the end result is always good… So people please do communicate …Use the right method for the right job so that the job gets done faster and better..

In today even most of the organizations lots of projects gets failed or delayed because of lack of proper communications…

so please use the right available medium to communicate and make this world a better place for living…

I encourage Y’ALL please leave any real life situtations you have professionally or personally in the comments sections…

Peace out people
Please Communicate….


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