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Now you can Turn off the lights with SMS

Posted by Reddy on April 6, 2006

This is so cool for all those people like me who forget to switch off the ligths …

On the way to the office, you suddenly remember that you have left the television on and the air conditioner running. Instead of turning around and heading back home, there’s a simple way of turning off these devices. Just send an SMS and switch off your television and AC.

6060, a SMS solution provider has developed a new software called SMS home control which can help control up to eight devices through a black box. The concept is simple this black box can be connected to electrical points which have been pre-programmed to control the devices. Send an SMS from any mobile number that is fed into the system and you can switch on or switch off your geyser, fan, bulb, radio, microwave and even your refrigerator.

Says Naveen Bhandari, CEO of Tech Zone, SMS is the buzz word today and it is the future. We have developed this home control system mainly for nuclear families since it helps them save time and energy. Although this product will be out in the market in a couple of months, I know that it will be of tremendous help. Lokesh Ohri, an IT professional says, I often leave the air conditioner or geyser on and is difficult for me to get back and turn it off. With such a technology coming into the city, life will be so much easier since I can turn off my air conditioner with a mere SMS.

But this is not all. 6060’s SMS To Moving Message has become a big hit in the city. Only a week old, this system is specially targeted at the youth. Messages are sent to a moving electronic display, which shows the SMS in a matter of seconds. Says Naveen, We have got an amazing response. People love to see their messages being splashed across the screen while they are sipping coffee or just sitting around chatting. We have just begun marketing these devices and hope to hit popular places like Cafe Coffee Day, Music World, Landmark and Mocha.

The black boxes for both the systems are priced per unit. A home control black box is priced at Rs 20,000 per unit and the moving messaging is priced at approximately Rs 14, 000. If people are worried about bad language being displayed, 6060 has even developed a way to solve this. All messages are routed through a server that cleans them up whether they are written in Tinglish, Hinglish or English.

Soruce : deccan

Hope this way atleast we all can contribute to save some Energy as we all know there is so much of energy used these days …where someday we have to have alternatives to save and looks like these kind of cool stuff will make us to save the Energy for the future…


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