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CCMB identifies pancreatitis gene – Science

Posted by Reddy on April 7, 2006

The Centre for Cellular and Mo-lecular Biology (CCMB) – Hyderabad .. and Asian Institute of Gastroenterology (AIG) on Friday announced the discove-ry of a new gene playing a major role in causing tropical calcified pancreatitis (TCP). The gene has been named Cathepsin B.

The discovery, whose results were published in March edition of gastroenterology journal GUT, will help doctors recognise the disease in earlier stages. While the prevalence of TCP is not known in India, AIG director Dr D. Nageshwar Reddy points out that it is high in villages with one out of every 2,000 persons affected.

Patients don’t know about the disease until it reaches advanced stage. Except removing stones from pancreas, we could not save them, Dr Reddy said. The disease starts with severe stomach ache among teenagers and by the time they reach 28, the disease is full blown, he said.

Dr G.R. Chandak, who led CCMB researchers, said the basic function of Cathepsin B is to trigger trypsinogen enzyme to maintain a constant supply of active tryp-sin in pancreas, which it will resupply the same to the stomach for digestion. However, if the gene goes bad or mutates, it will lead to premature activation of trypsinogen upsetting the cycle and thus damaging the pancreas, he explained.

Soruce: deccan

Hope one day we have gene identified for most of the common diseases …where by the people of this world can have some good life and instead of those expensive doctor visits they could just have to take these gene’s… Oh wait a second what kind of world i am in even though we the researchers and scientists found the genes for most of the disorders , everyday some new Virus comes into this world which can keep all busy the docs/patients/researchers everybody have to go on right !! 🙂

Y’ALL have a good Weekend..


One Response to “CCMB identifies pancreatitis gene – Science”

  1. maxdavinci said

    dude, its interestin bits of info but then it comes witha cliche.

    y will i visit yor blog 2 read stuff i can find on deccan etc?

    a blog is supposed to reflect you and yor thoughts. that makes ppl wanna visit u again n again as they wanna know wat u wrote latest…

    hope u get it

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