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24/7 office

Posted by Reddy on April 10, 2006

Where have all the 9-to-5 jobs gone? Everybody these days seem to be working odd office hours. If Papa is busy jet-setting around the world, Mama has her urgent meetings in the evening and daughter must be working in a BPO /KPO or IT company working till the morning to finish the project or doing her shift.

With the rising number of Indian and multi- national firms striving to open 24/7 operations, the lifestyles of employees are also changing fast. Professionals work for long hours and in erratic shifts. Numerous Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) employees work in the night shift. The change in work timing is affecting the social and family ties of these individuals.

So its means for all these people working in these sectore where is the work/life balance and dont forget there is one more pie to all this is comptetion.. where whatever job we do there is so much pressure and comptetion that we have to outcome all this and come out with colourfull results…

Which means at the end of the day we all human being are shorting the life span of each other …
and how about the family times i know some people who are reading may be thinking what is family as …now a days we see people are more onto themselves and now with this added job pressure even that little time with family is also gone…

People this 24/7 office is not going to stop so we need to make out priorites right and see what can we do in the time we have instead of streching our time to do all the things ..and please do take some time to spend with family….as i know that what is more imp at the end of the day for everyone…



One Response to “24/7 office”

  1. Tinkerbell said

    Liked the title of your blog. 😉 Why did you stop updating your blog?

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