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AJAX – Getting Started ….

Posted by Reddy on April 4, 2006

By now, nearly everyone who works in web development has heard of the term Ajax, which is simply a term to describe client-server communication achieved without reloading the current page. Most articles on Ajax have focused on using XMLHttp as the means to achieving such communication, but Ajax techniques aren’t limited to just XMLHttp. There are several other methods.

For a roundup for some AJAX Tutorials… check this link a one stop for all the good tutorials…

These are the list of websites how they used AJAX in their web sites.

  1. 24SevenOffice – web-based economy & administration systems
  2. A9 Maps
  3. – Amazon’s Google wanna-be search engine
  4. AJAX Dictionary
  5. AJAX Translator
  6. ajaxWrite
  7. Apple Store
  9. Maps
  11. Backbase – Site built 100% with AJAX technologies. Six demo-portals available showcasing the use of AJAX RIA
  12. BaeBo – Through BaeBo you can browse, search and purchase products from Amazon’s entire product catalog. When you search Amazon, BaeBo will load eBay results in the background. When you view an Amazon item, BaeBo will load Similar products in the background
    by Francis Shanahan
  13. BaseCamp – project management service
  14. – online sports betting
  15. BlinkList – Organize Your Web, Your Way. Organize all the web pages you find into groups of easily manageable lists
  17. – ajax-powered, free online storage
  19. – “A site for playing with colors.”
  20. – a social network for news
  22. – +
  23. – classifieds using ajax
  24. – blog/photo-sharing community
  25. Form Assembly – dynamic web form builder
  27. Gmail – web-based email from Google
  28. Google Groups – contains the entire archive of Usenet discussion groups dating back to 1981. In addition to providing a Usenet archive, the Service enables you to create and maintain your own Group
  29. Google Maps – a new mapquest killer
  30. Google Personalized Home
  31. Google Reader – ajax powered rss reader
  32. Google Suggest – displays suggestions as you type
  33. GPlotter – Google maps API + AJAX
    by Brennan Stehling
  34. [NEW]
  35. – spell checker
  36. Jobby
  37. – AJAX enabled flight search
  38. Kiko
  40. Linkaroo
  41. Meebo – ajax-powered IM
  42. MSN Virtual Earth
  43. – family communication and calendar site
  45. ObjectGraph Dictionary
  46. – an online community that connects people through a network of trusted friends
  47. Protopage
  48. Ripped Tickets
  50. – model gallery
  51. Sproutliner
  52. beta – from the MSN sandbox
  53. Ta-daLists – “simple, sharable to-do lists”
  54. TagWorld
  56. Top 10 Ajax Applications
    by Dan Grossman
  57. Top 10 Ajax Applications (Part 2)
    by Dan Grossman
  58. – This is a site builder tool where the entire editor is created in Javascript. The editor only works in IE.
  59. Yahoo! Instant Search
  60. – an online real estate service dedicated to helping you get an edge in real estate by providing you with valuable tools and information.

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