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For all those not GEEK’s

Posted by Reddy on April 2, 2006

Hello there , for all those who are not totally geeks .. no offense..
I know there are many people in this world who have all the latest gadgets but many of those gadgets owners do not know how to use them just for one simple example take MP3 players likes IPOD or other players i know there are many users of these players who dont know most of the time to put songs on to these players …so please if anybody out there who want to learn and need help in downloading songs and downloading them on to there IPOD or other mp3 players i can help Y’ALL i can also setup a pratical demos via online or if you live same city as i am then i can show Y’all peronsally the demos…and above all i will be doing all this for FREE.. i know this is america where time is money but its good to share knowledge sometimes for FREE so please goahead and email me if you need any help in terms of how to use the Gadget the one which you own no matter which gadget is as i worked with many of the most popular and latest gadgets…also i can teach Y’all shortcuts also…..

Please go ahead and email me if you need any help on this matter..



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